Sponsor/ Volunteer Info


Sponsor the Cardiff Comets!

Cardiff Comets are currently self run, with team members & volunteers stepping up to fill various roles within the club to allow Girls in Wales the opportunity to learn and play ice hockey.

Cardiff Comets are also completely self funded however with the team growing in numbers and the success of the team growing from season to season the club is looking towards additional funding to continue the growth of the club and development of the players.


What can we offer?

Great question! – The club can offer various benefits for sponsoring the team;

  • Business Logo on the Jersey Front of each player
  • Advertisement Banners & Links on the Cardiff Comets Website
  • Advertisement via our Social Media Channels


How does the team benefit from the Sponsorship?

The extra funding will help the club in many ways;

  • More ice time – More practices/ games – Greater development of players skills/ abilities
  • On Ice training equipment & Apparel (on/off the ice)
  • Make travel arrangements easier/ better for the team


If you would like to sponsor the comets or help out the club by becoming a volunteer etc please contact us HERE! We hope you will join the Comets Family!