NWHL Champions Cup! – Metropolitan Riveters vs Luleå Hockey (29th Sept 18 @6pm UK)

We don’t have any games until next Saturday, but if you’re looking for some great Hockey action to fill your weekend look no further than the National Womens Hockey League where the 1st EVER Champions Cup is taking place!

This historic battle is pitting 2 of the best Womens’ teams in a head to head, winner takes all, battle for the Champions Cup. The 2 teams competing for the Champions Cup are last years NWHL champions Metropolitan Riveters & Sweden’s SDHL champions Luleå Hockey. Face off is later today (29th Sept 18) @6pm UK time.

How do you watch the game you ask!? Great news Hockey fans! Its FREE! And you can watch the Live Stream over on the NWHL twitter page – https://twitter.com/NWHL 

If you want to catch the latest news & fixtures for the up coming season from the NWHL, check out their website – https://www.nwhl.zone/home