EIHA Rule Swindon Game As A Loss For Comets

Following the events of the weekend, where the game was abandoned due to injury, the EIHA Committee has ruled that the score at the time of stoppage will be logged as the final score. This means the game is classed as a 3-2 win for Swindon Topcats.

As a team we did appeal this ruling due to the length of time remaining in the game and our reputation for coming back from behind in the third, however the Committee decision has been declared final.

We can report that the fallen Swindon player thankfully escaped serious injury to her back & neck. Our Captain Meg Lawrence, who also took a heavy fall against the boards earlier in the game, is however being treated for multiple fractures to her ankle. We wish them both a speedy recovery and return to the ice.

Obviously as a team we are sad to have to report this loss and that the team’s winning streak is over, however we respect the ruling of the EIHA and look forward to facing Swindon again in the New Year at Cardiff.