Comets Win vs Coventry Phoenix 6-1

Cardiff Comets WIN at home against Coventry Phoenix 6-1

After narrowly losing to Coventry Phoenix on their away visit in November, the Cardiff Comets came onto the ice ready to see a different result in front of their home fans at Ice Arena Wales. 

A fast paced start saw the two teams playing end to end hockey, both skating hard, but neither getting anything past the two net-minders – Whilding #88 (Comets) and Ellison #77 (Phoenix). A chance came for the Phoenix when a sloppy line-change from Cardiff saw them concede a two minute penalty for too many players on the ice. With fourteen shots on goal however, Whilding (#88) held strong for the Comets and killed the penalty. With the Comets back up to full strength, and with less than four minutes left on the clock in the first, #30 Jenny Ball took an unassisted charge at the net and managed to score the first goal of the game. The end of period buzzer rang with the Comets leading 1-0.

The second period saw a huge surge in passion and strength from the Cardiff side. Ball (#30) scored again for the Comets on her first shift back on the ice, assisted by player/coach #12 Susie Grieve, timed at just 21:34. In short succession the dominant Cardiff team saw two more goals hit the back of the net. The first by #17 Nicky Rees (assisted by Ball & Grieve) timed at 24:56 and the second an unassisted goal again by Ball (#30) timed at 29:51 giving her a hat trick for the game.

Clearly frustrated by Cardiff’s strong attacking lines Ellison, the Phoenix net-minder, was swapped out for the alternate NM #52 Zoe Vince. With the Cardiff Comets on an undeniable roll however, this made little difference as yet another goal came from the team through Emma Adams #39 (assisted by Ball) timed at 38:10. The end of the period saw the Cardiff Comets with a commanding lead 5-0.

The third and final period of the game marked a change in attitude for the Coventry Phoenix. They came onto the ice, pushing hard, determined not to make the final period easy for the home team. At 46:18 their surge of energy proved fruitful as #50 Rosanne Adey made her way unassisted to the Cardiff net and managed to slip a shot passed Whilding, scoring for her team and making the score 5-1.

Tensions high between the two teams, the game saw a succession of penalties conceded from both sides. Within eight minutes three penalties were given for tripping, seeing two Comets players binned (#10 Miles @ 46:47 and #25 Edwards @ 57:42) and one for the Phoenix (#17 Blower @ 55:56).

Determined to finish on a high, Ball took one final charge at the net to end the game and scored yet another for her team, making it her fourth goal of the game @ 57:04. The final buzzer sounded with the scoreboard Cardiff Comets 6 – 1 Coventry Phoenix.


 MVP for Cardiff Comets went to Jenny Ball #30