Comets Win vs Streatham Storm 5-4

After a hard-fought game, the Comets came away with a 5-4 win against the Streatham Storm!


From the moment 1st Period started, this game was intensely played by both sides, with the first fifteen minutes of the game being a fight for domination on the ice. Both teams seemed equal, as the game was bouncing from one goal to the other, with both teams taking several shots. Aggression was high, as everyone fought for a chance, and this culminated in the first penalty of the game for #7 Annette Kerr of the Storm, for playing rough. Using this as an advantage, the Comets continued their attack, and the first goal was scored for the Comets, by #12 Suzi Grieve, assisted by #14 Megan Lawrence @16:08.

2nd Period brought calmer attacks for both teams, as they seemed to find their stride. Again, there was plenty of back and forth, but Comets dominated shots on goal, with 16 to the Storm’s 6. This perseverance paid off @27:12 as #39 Emma Adams scored a solo goal for the Comets. Reacting to this, the Storm pushed forward again, and countered with a goal of their own only seconds later @27:24 by #7 Annette Kerr, assisted by #34 Shauna Mann.

This tussle continued until, again, the Comets struck hard and #10 Rachel Miles scored @34:25. Ever chasing to balance the score, however, the Storm came back with another goal @36:31 for #10 Sorana Churchill. Still fighting hard after that victory, the Storm didn’t give the Comets time to blink before #8 Parris Moore scored for them again @36:41.

Bringing the overall score to 3-3, this game was more heated than ever. Another surge for the Storm caused another penalty for the Storm, as #50 Taz Whitehead Eyre was sent off for interference @37:45.  Again, using this to their advantage, the Comets found their way to scoring yet another goal, by #30 Jennifer Ball, assisted by #12 Suzi Grieve @38:13.

3rd Period had the heir of all-or-nothing, and although the teams were tiring from the constant barrage from each other, they still played with everything they had. Only three minutes into the period, the Comets dominated by scoring their fifth goal; scored by Jennifer Ball @42:58. Fighting back, this led the Storm to their fourth and final goal @56:38, scored by #14 Katherine Rousseau. Striving hard to meet the match of the Comets, the Storm team made one final push, but it wasn’t to be, as @58:14 #8 Parris Moore was penalised and the score remained at 5-4 to the Comets.