Comets Draw vs Swindon Topcats 2-2

Meeting the challenge of the Swindon Topcats’ formidable first half, Comets scored a well-deserved 2-2 draw

1st period marked a slow and steady start to the game for everyone, as both teams were equally matched for skill and determination in the opening minutes. There were several shots on goal from both sides, but the Comets seemed to be using their home-turf advantage to drive the game down to the opponents’ half, with over twice as many shots on goal as the Topcats in this period (13 shots, to their 6). However, at the twelve-minute mark, the Topcats seemed to gain momentum and their first goal was scored by #17 Jessica Sprules, assisted by #28 Jade-Ann Kemble @12:34.

2nd period demonstrated a change in attitude for the Topcats, as they came onto the ice with renewed tenacity. However this didn’t stop the Comets, who continued to dominate the ice with 16 shots on goal, to the Topcats’ 7. Again, the teams were almost equally matched until @39:33 when the Topcats scored their second and final goal of the game, this time scored by #22 Sarah Rouse, assisted by #17 Jessica Sprules and #26 Annabelle Cuss. This 2nd period also marked the beginning of the penalties, as shortly after the goal, #26 Jordan Phipps of the Comets was penalised @39:54.

This penalty continued into the 3rd period, as it was the Comets’ time to bring a new attitude onto the ice. Just six minutes into play, a collision between players – #39 Emma Adams for the Comets and #26 Annabelle Cuss for the Topcats – meant that both players were penalised, taking both teams down to four players each @46:28. However, this didn’t stop the Comets, because as soon as the penalty time was over, the Comets charged forward and #32 Sam Zala scored an amazing solo goal @50:59. With the chance of catching up finally in their sights, the Comets pushed forward again and again until @55:11 where #30 Jennifer Ball managed to score another solo goal for the team. But the fun didn’t stop there, as the offensive continued right up to the final moments of the game, including the mutual penalising of the Comets’ #18 Amy Hill and the Topcats’ #26 Annabelle Cuss @57:21. Both players were released back onto the ice @59.21, and as both teams pushed hard to keep the other away from a goal.

The game came to a close as a nail-biting draw.