Comets Draw vs Midnight Stars 3-3

Cardiff Comets earned a draw vs Oxford Midnight Stars away at Oxford 3-3

1st Period saw quite a lot of action from both teams with a few early goals to get the game underway. 1st Goal of the game came from the Cardiff Comets #32 Sam Zala unassisted @6:42 into the period. Only 2 minutes later saw the Midnight stars score past Cardiff Comets reserve Netminder #26 Courtney Jade newitt @9:00, goal scored by #36 Emily Patrick unassisted. Cardiff Comets came back from the face off and charged straight through the Midnight stars defence resulting in another goal by #32 Sam Zala, assisted by #5 Kamara Bristow @9:40. Oxford Midnight Stars didn’t let the Cardiff Comets keep the lead for very long as 1 minute later they launched their own attack at the Comets Defence and scored thanks to #8 Charlie Clements, assisted by Hannah Driscoll @10:40

2nd period saw no less attacking effort from both teams, however both Netminders were standing strong and the teams Defence holding off attacks at both ends until half way through the Period Cardiff Comets #32 Sam Zala & #16 Anna Marsh broke through the defence and Zala managed to snag a Hat Trick @22:58 in the period.

3rd Period started off just as the 2nd period had but @38:38 the Midnight stars managed to get an equalising goal thanks to #25 Jae Rance, assisted by #Linda Pearson. Both teams were unable to get the Winning goal and the game ended as a Draw.


Comets need to Win the remainder of their games to keep in the Running for making it to Playoffs in Sheffield on June 3-4 2017